Singapore Venus Fly Traps

SGVenusFlyTrap “Fine Teeth x Red”

S size Fine teeth x Red
M size Fine Teeth x Red

Features:Quite vigorous VFT that produces red trap easily!Highly recommend to new grower who want to try growing your first VFT.

Size available: S size,5cm diameter pot,M size,7cm diameter pot

Category A: S size,5cm diameter pot,1@$15,2@$30+1Free

Category B:  M size,7cm diameter pot,1@$25,2@$50+1Free


SGVenusFlytrap “Burbank 

S size Burbank Best
M size “Burbank Best”,8cm diameter pot
Adult “Burbank Best”

Features:Easiest growing VFT that do well in bright indirect sun!Vigorous grower and divides quickly!Highly recommend to new grower!


Category A: S size,5cm diameter pot,1@$15,2@$30+1Free

Category B:  M size,7cm diameter pot,1@$25,2@$50+1Free


SGVenusFlyTrap “Red piranha”



A forest of L Size red piranha

Features: A short teeth and full red Venus Flytrap!Want something colorful?This is your best option!

Category B:  M size,7cm diameter pot,1@$25,2@$50+1Free


SGVenusFlyTrap “Wacky”




Close up of a Wacky’s Trap

Features:One of its kind with wavy “teeth” instead of the normal long teeth structure!

Size:M size,7cm diameter pot

Category B:  M size,7cm diameter pot,1@$25,2@$50+1Free

SGVenusFlyTrap “B52”

M size B52
M Size B52 in 8cm Diameter Pot


Fully Grown Adult Sample 1
Full Grown Adult in a 20cm diameter pot Sample 1
Well Grown Sample 2
Well Grown Sample 2 with comparison to $1 Coin
Well Grown Sample 3

B52 is known as the famous “World’s Largest Traps” Venus Flytrap.It is very vigorous and put out one of the largest traps I ever seen!If you are looking for fast growing VFT with Huge Traps this is for you without any doubts!

Category B:  M size,7cm diameter pot,1@$25,2@$45+1Free

SGVenusFlyTrap “Roaring Flames”



Features:Teeth has “flame-liked” shape

Size:Adult,Grown in 7cm pot

Price: Category C

SGVenusFlytrap “Fuzzy Tooth”



Fuzzy Tooth producing FUZZZY trap!


Features: This cultivar produces wildest trap! It often produces trap that has all its teeth fuzzed up! Further the inner trap turn red easily giving it a nice touch up on its overall look!

Price:Catetory C

SGVenusFlytrap “Archangel”




Like a high-ranking angel, it towers above the rest. Flushed with vibrancies from yellow to red, reminiscent to a sunset. This is an uncommon cultivar best known for it’s extraordinarily “arched” traps. It exhibits excellent colouration and vigor.

Price:Catetory C

SGVenusFlytrap ”Maroon Monster”


Growing bigger in my breeding trays
Gift Design are also available!


Officially released on 13 June 2018 by SGVenusFlytrap! Research on tissue culturing this special cultivar in Singapore can dated back to 2016! Everyone(including myself) also wants to have a VFT that is colourful, vigorous, and having BIG traps! I started  breeding Fine teeth x Red but I found a superior Cultivar over Fine teeth x red! It is MAROON MONSTER!

Maroon Monster has thicker and more robust leaf growth. It has the intensely dark red trap interiors of Pink Venus, but with much larger traps and plant diameter, and much more vigorous growth. It has deep maroon traps inside and outside with contrasting lime-green edged traps like Royal Red, but with sturdier leaves, larger traps and more rapid growth.

Price:Catetory C

SGVenusFlyTrap “Spider”


Features: Standing up high and fearlessly, “Spider” are well known for its towering traps that faces the skys! With its long “legs”, this often give them an edge over hunting flying insects like houseflies and mosquitoes!


M-$25, L-$35

SGVenusFlyTrap “Polish Dracula”


Features: Having one of the most contrasting colour of Lime Green and Bright red, Polish Dracula always have a lime green margin with shark-liked teeth!






Drosera Paradoxa 


Drosera Paradoxa
Covered in dews to hunt down insects!



Features: Fast and vigorous sundew that develop red leaves! Sun loving plant! The dews on the dew pad reflect light resulting in a wonderful and beautiful plant! Easy Flowering as well! Highly effectives against flying pest including fruitflies, mosquitoes etc!





Drosera Fulva

M size (3-4cm diameter)
Adult 7cm in diameter

Features: Another Beautiful Complex sundew that do well in our weather! Come in shades of lime green and form many compact dewy leaves.


  Drosera Falconeri 



Features: Being one of the rarest and highly sough after sundew, it has one of the widest leaves pad that is covered in glittering dew droplets. In addition to the round flower-liked structure, the deep red colouration given its a boost in its overall attractiveness!


Direct sun: 3-6hours

Water: Always ensure there are water in the cup


Drosera Badgerupii


Drosera Badgerupii


Drosera Badgerupii

Pygmy sundews are tiny, jewel-like sundews from Southwest Australia. Most are around the size of a nickel. Drosera x badgerupii is a natural hybrid of D. patens and D. micra. It forms tiny, bright-red rosettes with cute white flowers.





Sarracenia Purpurea

Sarracenia Purpurea

Sarracenia Purpurea


Size available:

S size:$15

M size:$25

My most favourite sarracenia! I tried breeding many different Sarracenia, but all didnt do well long term here! I almost gave up breeding until I met this clone. The deep red veins running wildly on the lime green background giving the best colour combination!Breeding it locally has allowed it to grow easily here,imported ones are more challenging.

Many successful stories of sg bred Sarracenia Purpurea can be found here!


Customizing Terrarium



We customize terrarium using locally bred Carnivorous Plants that are proven to grow well in Singapore Weather. Growlight are also available if we are keeping the terrarium in a indoor environment without any direct sun. Contact Us and share with us your budget ad we will work with your budget to build one for you. Not to worry about any maintenance needed in the future, we will handle it for you as well!

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