SGVenusFlytrap’s Breeding programme

I am always passionate about plant tissue culture when I am very young.Reading about how plant cells begin to differentiate into many different cell types often excite me.I started everything on my own, from gathering information,gather materials and setting up a lab at my house.It is indeed extremely challenging as I do not have much fundings. Working on it for almost 6 years with countless failures, finally I am able to share some of my researches here!

Pieces of Pinguicula Leaves begin to form callus
Close up of callus forming on a piece of leaf
Drosera Puchella dividing rapidly after replated into new medium
Plantlets forming from a Venus Fly Trap Flower stalk

17 July 2018

Preparing another batch of TC medium to replate more plants this weekend!

Depensing medium into individual Flask
Clean flasks

Ready for sterilisation

Cooled down after being autoclaved and ready for replates