SGVFT Growtubes

SGVFT Growtubes


SGVFT Growtubes are specially designed by our community to maximise growth in carnivorous plants. As many of us do not received sufficient hours of direct sun, we began to worry for our carnivorous plants during the rainy season! A google search for growlight online and found that none of the lights are meant for carnivorous plants.They are various types of growlight ranging from full spectrum to high output leds. However, when we read further all these light are meant for greens and herbs. But not for carnivorous plants!!! And we all know that carnivorous plants do not fall under those category of plants!

In the past, many of us spend hundreds of dollar buying and trying new lights for our carnivorous plants. But either they dont provide for the needs of our plants or simply too high consumption yet generating results way lower than our own expectation. So we many of us went on to high wattage led like 100w, but because those light again are not meant for Carnivorous Plants, plants survived but wasnt colourful like what they should be when left outdoor.And that led to the years of researching to build a light that is low electricity consumption yet allow carnivorous plants to do even better compared to natural sun!

Proven Results

We just selected a few members who helped out by documenting the process after using SGVFT Growtubes!



Proven results of using SGVFT Growtubes!

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2 Available sizes

12cm length(5W): 2x 8cm diameter pot

50cm length(12W): 6x 8cm diameter pot

12cm 5W

12cm 5W

Suitable for 2 M Size pot

50cm 12W

Suitable for 6 M Size pot

How to install?


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